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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A few people per week contact me asking for feedback or assistance on their new entrepreneurial idea. In addition to this i see around 200-300 startup pitches a year from StartMate and PushStart,

In response to these pitches, i have some feedback and advice to new entrepreneurs.

To proceed successfully with your new venture, you need to be able to clearly and quickly articulate
1. What problem you solve
2. How many people have this problem
3. How will you get to all these people who have this problem
4. What proof do you have that these people will pay to solve this problem
If you have answers to these questions, and you can show you solve a painful problem that many people have, and you have a clear path to getting in touch with all these people - then you are much more likely to get the attention of investors and more importantly become successful in your own right.

Posted by Nick HaC @ 11:53 PM


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