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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2007 - Version 1

The first design i ever did of BuzzNumbers. Notice the heavy use of buzzwords from that time, eg CGM and WOM. I don't think the phrase Social Media had been invented yet. I love the little men with their arms, it so bad its awesome.

2008 - Version 2

I had a professional design firm create our logo and then a freelancer make up the website. I still really like this design. Simple, concise, clear call to action. 

2009 - Version 3

In an effort to make BuzzNumbers more fun and more "Web 2.0" we upgraded the design again. Bigger logo, speech bubbles to reflect what we did. This design was relatively short lived as there was negative feedback on it.

2010 - Version 4

In an effort to become more "Professionial" and realising that our key market was Australia / Asia Pacific we rebranded to try to appeal more to our perceived market. We also had a BuzzNumbers.co.jp version of this website for our Tokyo distribution partners which has been lost along the way. This was the first time we had started to collect email addresses on the home page, which we then hooked up into our FeedBurner so that they automatically received all future blog posts.

2011 - Version 5

Some internal people felt that the design was not "Product Focused" enough. We had a differed 3rd party design firm come in. We ran this on wordpress which was our first CMS implementation for the BuzzNumbers site. We also took advantage of the then emerging theme to have a logo cluster of the press you got on your homepage.

 2012 - Version 6

When BuzzNumbers expanded beyond pure product sales to include services, we rebuild our website with a focus on diversified offering. Personally i disliked the heavy black colors, but this was now out of my control as our Marketing and Design team had run the process and had data that showed that this was the best choice of design.

BuzzNumbers was then acquired in August 2012 by Sentia Media (MediaMonitors)
I look forward to seeing what the new marketing team at Sentia Media do for future designs :)

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