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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Last week, at 31 years old, my company BuzzNumbers was acquired by Sentia Media (MediaMonitors).

It's been nearly 5 years since i started building BuzzNumbers and has been a wonderful journey and one hell of a ride.

Having one of my own technology companies acquired by a multi-national has been one of my dreams since i taught myself to program as a teenager in the 1990's.

It feels amazing that something that i brought into the world has been valued so highly by such a large media company that it has been acquired so rapidly. The acquisition took 6 weeks to complete.

Being acquired has created a mixture of emotions for me personally ranging from victorious joy through to sadness over the loss of "my baby". But like any parent, one day you have to let your children leave the nest and soar to new heights.

When i founded the company, i always thought that MediaMonitors would want to acquire us.

All throughout my internet life, starting as a kid in 1991 with Bulletin Boards through to IRC in 1994 to the 1999 "dot com boom" and beyond, i believed the internet mattered more than any previous media channel. The internet democratised global communication and information sharing. The internet meant we could all be producers as well as consumers of public information. I saw this as such a fundamental change to the existing media communications structure that at the time was largely top down produced (eg TV/Print/Radio where the overly empowered minority produced information for the voiceless majority). I believed the internet was going to change this, and it turned out that the "Social Media" and "Web 2.0" revolution of 2007-2012 actualised this change.

I knew and loved MediaMonitors as one of their customers in the mid 2000's and saw that as they only tracked TV/Radio/Print they would one day need to care about the internet. With the acquisition of BuzzNumbers, now they do :)

During the course of the business, several different larger companies approached us to acquire us, most of which we couldn't find the right fit. Even during these last 5 years we had entered into acquisition discussions with MediaMonitors 3 times, and while we saw alignment, we ended up not completing for one reason or another. At the start of this recent successful M&A transaction their CEO and I joked that we had dated a few too many times now to not get into bed.

I'm delighted with the acquisition and feel so enriched and rewarded by the process of creating, building and selling a company. I look forward to seeing BuzzNumbers future success as part of Asia-Pacific's largest Media Intelligence company...

Posted by Nick HaC @ 1:25 AM


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